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We will provide a few options for you to choose from depending on what you intend to achieve and your choice of long-term maintenance.

From RM2000



On top of the one-time service fee to INDAGO you will continue to pay an amount of about USD8-9 per month per website for the web server and domain hosting directly to the hosting company. It is practically maintenance free.


On top of the one-time service fee to INDAGO, you will have to pay to maintain the domain hosting and your website will be hosted on a web hosting platform which can be expended to suit your business’s growth (as low as USD10 per month) when you require more than one websites. It is more complicated to make changes and you will need some basic knowledge of maintaining a website as there will be some maintenance work you need to perform from time to time.

SEO Package


  • Perform Research and discuss with you to find the right content for your business to increase viewership
  • Create 20 pages/ posts or more with the most searched key words/ phrases for your field
  • Monitor your website’s traffic and SEO performance for 6 months and continue to improve the content
  • Monitor the content that visitors would spend more time in and grow from there
  • Work with you to produce more high quality or interesting pictures for the website
  • Guide you on how to produce new content and monitor the traffic in the future
  • Use other already well-established websites to boost your traffic
  • Create links to good website

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