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Website Design


Create website that tells a story and pages with the most relevant keywords for your field to enhance SEO.

Depending on your requirements, your website will be hosted on a web hosting platform which can be expanded to suit your business’s growth when you require more than one websites or more features.

A fee charged yearly – There are some maintenance work to be performed from time to time, domain name, web hosting, etc. 

SEO Package

  • Perform Research and discuss with you to find the right content for your business to increase viewership
  • Create 20 pages/ posts or more with the most searched key words/ phrases for your field
  • Monitor your website’s traffic and SEO performance for 6 months and continue to improve the content. Monthly meeting with your team. 
  • Monitor the content that visitors would spend more time in and grow from there
  • Work with you to produce more relevant or interesting pictures for the content
  • Guide your team on how to produce new content and monitor the traffic in the future
  • Create links to good quality websites

Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing enhances your online presence, attracts more new and retains existing customers, as well as boosts your business growth.


  • Create a digital marketing plan suitable for your business
  • Set a realistic goal, design the strategies to achieve them
  • Determine type of customers you want to attract, and create advertising messages (for ads placement)


Digital channels to promote your business online

  • Web – SEO (keywords in the content to attract the target audience) or SEM (paid Google search ads)
  • Social media and video
  • Listing on popular directory


  • Increase in quantity (for example sales, customers, enquiries, etc) and brand awareness/ image
  • Track and analyse the results from various strategies and channels, measure how you’re doing using analytics
  • Get feedback from customers


How To Create a Website 

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